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The most comprehensive bird removal service in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area. We have the experience to tackle any job. Bird nest removal, cleanup and prevention is what we do!

  • Licensed Wildlife Damage Control Operators by the State of Maryland
  • Humane bird removal and relocation methods
  • Dead bird removal and stuck bird removal
  • Complete bird nest removal from vents, chimneys, siding, gutters, attics, shutters, decks etc.
  • Vent duct disinfection, repair and replacement
  • Bird droppings on siding cleanup
  • High quality screens and cages to keep birds out
  • Vent cover replacement
  • High work – 3rd story and above
  • Bird mite mitigation
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  • Results GUARANTEED

 We can reclaim your home for you and restore it to a clean and peaceful state.

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Sometimes we can provide a quote over the phone, but in most cases we need to see the job first. Bird removal can be easy and it can be very complicated.

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Bird Removal and Control Service Details

Birds nest in all kinds of strange places. The services listed below are just some of the most common services we perform. If you have another situation, please call us or request a quote. Our technicians have many years of experience in the home construction and home improvement trades. They are collectively skilled at carpentry, siding, roofing, chimney services and other trades. We are confident that we can find a solution for your issue. We can get rid of the birds and repair whatever damage they caused.

Bird Nest Removal From Bathroom Fan Vents

No more stinky bird smells or loud noises in your bathroom!

Bird Nest Removal From Dryer vents

We'll have your dryer running safely and efficiently again

Bird Nest Removal From Kitchen Vents

The kitchen is the worst place to have those dirty birdies!

Bathroom Fan Duct Replacement

Sometimes they make such a big mess that it's better to just replace the duct

Bird Guard and Screen Installation

We can make your home bird-proof with high quality screens and cages

Dryer Vent Cleaning

If the birds are nesting in the dryer vent, we might as well clean it out completely

We Cannot Remove All Birds

it is illegal to remove or destroy any active nest from a native bird species, defined as a nest with eggs or brooding adults in it. If the nest has been abandoned or no eggs have yet been laid, it can be removed or destroyed as needed.

The DMV area has a large population of European Starlings and House Sparrows. These species are invasive, non-native (exotic) species that aggressively displace native birds. They are called ‘cavity nesters’ and they love to nest in tight spaces like bathroom fan vents, kitchen vents, clothes dryer vents, furnace vents and other areas of homes. We provide professional services to remove these birds, clean up the mess they left behind and prevent them from nesting in your home.

These birds are not protected by the local governments or by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  The vast majority of home infestations, however, are these invasive species. We will assess the situation and determine if the nests can be removed.

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