Bird Guard Screens and Cages For Vents

Keep birds out of your home’s vents with quality screens and cages. We have different solutions for different vent covers. We always use quality, durable materials like aluminum and galvanized steel. We use stainless steel screws so nothing will rust. We can properly bird-proof any vent cover including:

  • Bathroom Fan Vents
  • Clothes Dryer Vents
  • Microwave Vents
  • Kitchen Range Vents
  • Gas Fireplace Vents
  • Furnace Vents

Why is it Important to Keep Birds from Nesting in Your Vents?

It is extremely important to have your home’s vents covered with some sort of bird guards, whether they are cages or screens. If birds are able to get into your vents, they can create a real mess. Bird droppings and dead birds can smell terribly and are a bio-hazard. Even with disinfectant, the smell is sometimes difficult to eliminate. Also, the birds can sometimes be infected with bird mites. Bird mites can migrate into your home and bite you and your family. Don’t take the risk. The cost of cleaning up their mess is far more than the initial cost to keep them out. 

If the birds have nested in your vents before you’ve had a chance to protect them, we can remove the bird nests and cleanup before installing screens and cages to keep them from coming back.

Keep Birds Out of Your Clothes Dryer Vent

Dryer vents should not be covered with anything that will clog. That would be a building code violation and could lead to dryer repairs and even a fire. We use the Defender brand bird guards cages for dryer vents. The bars are properly spaced to not allow European Starlings and House Sparrows to get through, yet they are far enough apart to allow lint to pass through without clogging up the dryer vent. these cages come powder coated in different colors to match your home’s trim. They can also be spray painted if you have a unique color scheme on your home.

We also have special magnetic flaps that do not require a cage. They work great to keep birds out and are highly recommended for vent higher than 2 stories. Technicians will not have to go all the way up there for future dryer vent cleanings.

Keep Birds Out of Your Bathroom Vents

Bathroom vents are typically made of cheap materials that are easily destroyed by birds and are very difficult to sanitize. It is very important to keep birds from nesting in these vents.

These vents can be covered with galvanized steel screens because they will not clog like a dryer vent. Our screen installations are made with stainless steel screws so they will never rust. Our screens are screwed to the vent cover itself so as to avoid putting extra holes in the siding. Screens are cut to fit the vent cover and are hardly noticeable.

Some customers prefer having cages installed over every vent cover.We have high quality powder coated steel cages, in various colors, if you prefer that over screens. We will consult with you to find a solution that keeps your home looking classy and keeps your HOA off your back.

Keep Birds Out of Your Kitchen Vents

Kitchen vents can typically be covered with steel screens to keep the birds out. They are usually larger vents and vent covers than dryer vents and bathroom fans. Some are made from cheap plastic that gets very brittle from the UV rays of the sun and cannot handle screws or holes being drilled into them, as they will crack apart. We have special large cages for these situations if necessary.

Keep Birds Out of Your Fireplace and Furnace Vents

Gas fireplaces and furnaces need to exhaust combustion gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Simple steel screens are sufficient to protect these vents. If these vents are clogged with bird nests, this gas can seep into your home and cause problems with these units operating.

Simple steel screens are sufficient to protect these vent. They can be custom cut to fit the exhaust vent cover.

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