Bird Nest Removal From A Kitchen Microwave Vent

Birds are not sanitary animals. They carry a lot of nasty viruses and bacteria and they leave poop everywhere. They also can be infected with bird mites. The very last place you want any of this is in your kitchen! We have seen bird nests on top of microwaves where bird nest debris was falling on to the stove, right where you cook. You definitely don’t want this near your food.

It is very easy for birds to get trapped inside microwave vents because there is often a vertical drop from the kitchen ceiling, where the vent runs, to the top or back of the microwave, where the fan exhausts. It’s a nice safe place for a nest. If they get stuck, it becomes a grave and your kitchen smells horrible.

We can remove the bird nest material and clean the duct and disinfect it. This often involves having to remove the microwave or range hood. We also clean bird droppings off of the siding in the vicinity of the kitchen exhaust vent cover, to the extent practical.

If there are baby birds in there, we can remove them (European Starlings and House Sparrows only) and set them aside outside near the kitchen vent. We can’t disturb any native species until the babies are fully fledged.

Sanitizing the Microwave or Range Hood

Birds can make a really big mess in your microwave or range fan, especially if they exhaust straight up. In a vertical exhaust configuration the birds can nest directly on top of the fan. Bird dropping and nest material can get all over the inside of the machine. We can take apart these appliances and clean them out so that you can cook again with peace of mind.

Protecting Your Kitchen Vent From Birds

To keep birds from nesting in your microwave vent or range hood vent, we can install high quality cages and screens. We have different materials we can use and we can discuss the options when we give you a quote for the work. Check out our Bird Guard Installation service for more details.

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