Bird Removal From Dryer Vents

We provide a comprehensive bird control service for dryer vents. Removing the bird nest from the dryer vent is only part of the job. The entire vent should be professionally cleaned. After the dryer vent is cleaned, a building code compliant cage or flap should be installed to keep the birds out. 

Bird Control Services for Dryer Vents

Old Bird Nest Removal

Old bird nests can legally be removed, whether they are form native or non-native species

Active Bird Nest Removal

Active bird nests may only be removed if the birds are a non-native species. An active nest is a nest with eggs or brooding adults. The vast majority of birds nesting in dryer vents are either European Starlings or House Sparrows, both of which are non-native invasive species, and can be removed without restriction.

Baby Bird Removal and Relocation

Baby birds and eggs are humanely removed from dryer vents and placed nearby in a temporary container so that the parents can continue to take care of them. European Starlings and House Sparrows will do so. 

Remove Birds Trapped Behind Dryer

Birds often get trapped behind dryers. The reason for this is that many dryer vent travel op to the ceiling before turning to exhaust outside. If the birds enter the vent and travel too far, they can fall down the vertical portion of the dryer vent and get trapped behind the dryer. They will typically die within 24-48 hours if they aren’t rescued. 

Complete Dryer Vent System Cleaning and Inspection

We clean the entire dryer vent, from the laundry room to the vent cover outside. It is important that all bird nesting and lint buildup be removed for your dryer to operate safely and efficiently. We will inspect your dryer vent system and will identify any other issues that may need to be addressed. Check out our dryer vent cleaning service for more information.

Disinfect and Deodorize the Dryer Vent

We disinfect dryer vents when bird die and decompose in them. We can also replace the transition duct (from the dryer to the wall).

Clean Bird Dropping From the Siding

Whenever we remove a bird nest, we will clean the bird poop from your siding in the vicinity of the vent. It’s not a powerwashing, but we get most of the mess off. We can even clean windows that got fouled up.

Install a Bird Proof Cage or Flap

Afetr we remove the birds and nests , we will install a high quality cage or flap to keep the birds out. We only install bird protection that is compliant with dryer vent building codes and that look classy on your home.

Problems with Birds Nesting in Dryer Vents

Bird nests often cause dryer vents to become clogged. Aside from just the nest blocking airflow, lint can no longer blow out of the vent and so it packs in around the nest until the duct is clogged completely. This causes the following problems:

  • Water accumulation in the vent:  Clogged dryer vents prevent the moisture from the clothes to be blown out of the house. This water vapor gets trapped in the vent and condenses back into water. We have seen water and lint ‘mud’ pour out of dryer vents that get completely clogged. This water can drip from seams in the duct and damage drywall and even cause mold problems.
  • Internal clogging of the dryer: If the dryer vent is clogged, the dryer heat can still evaporate water from the wet clothes, but it can’t blow the water vapor outside effectively. This will cause the dryer and vent to get steamy and wet. Lint sticks to wet surfaces like the lint trap, fan blades and vent ducting. It is common to see the dryer’s fan blades clogged with lint. The fan will no longer blow well and your dryer will take longer to dry the clothes.
  • Damage to the dryer:  Poor airflow causes the dryer’s heating element to overheat. This can cause the thermal fuse to blow or even cause the heater element to burn out, resulting in repair charges.
  • Dryer fires:   Heater elements that overheat can contribute to other factors and result in a fire in the dryer.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

We aren’t just a bird control company. We are vent cleaning professionals. Capital Bird Busters was originally split off from a dryer vent cleaning business, so you can be confident that we’ll do the job right.  You don’t want to call an animal control company to clean your dryer vent….unless that company is Capital Bird Busters!  We don’t just clean the bird nest out, we completely clean the entire dryer vent. 

Other companies may not remove the nest completely and they almost certainly will not be able to identify other issues with your dryer and address those as well. We often see bird nests not fully removed, with improper cages and screens installed over them. This can cause the problems listed above all over again. This is likely to happen if you hire a wildlife control company. They simply aren’t experts on vent cleaning like we are. 

Having a very clogged dryer vent also causes the dryer itself to get clogged up internally. We can even disassemble and clean the dryer out. Sometimes birds even get trapped in the dryer itself. If necessary, we can even take you dryer apart and disinfect it. Check out our dryer vent cleaning service for more information.

Bird Protection Covers For Dryer Vents

The building codes prohibit installing screens over a dryer vent termination. The term ‘screen’ is not defined. The basic idea, though, is that you don’t install something over the vent that will clog with lint. There are two products we use to keep birds out of dryer vents:

Steel Bird Guard Cages:  These cages are specifically designed for dryer vents. They are also specifically sized to prevent European Starlings and House Sparrows from getting through the bars. The bars are close enough to keep birds out, but far enough apart to let lint pass through. They won’t clog like the cages other companies install. They are made of high quality galvanized steel and are powder coat painted. The cage easily folds down for cleaning access.

Magnetic Flap Vent Covers:  These covers have built in magnets that keep the flap shut so birds can’t get in. They work extremely well at keeping the birds out and are recommended for vents located high above the ground because you can clean the vent without having to go up on a ladder.  Cages need to be removed or opened to clean the vent.

Check out our bird guard installation service for more information on screens and cage to protect your home from bird intrusion.

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