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Capital Bird Busters was started in 2023. The business spawned from a top rated dryer vent cleaning company in Maryland, which is still owned and operated by the same folks as Capital Bird Busters. We were performing so many bird removal and bird nest removal services with that business that we decided to start a stand-alone bird control company. It was just much easier to market our services that way. This is what makes us stand out from every other bird removal and control service around. 

Because we are already vent cleaning professionals, we have the tools and experience to clean bird nests from all different kinds of vents and disinfect those vents as well. Typically these services are done by pest control companies and wildlife removal companies. These companies do not specialize in bird control, especially the cleanup and repair that is often needed. They charge exorbitant rates and often fail to do the job completely.

What makes us the best?

We are licensed to remove birds

We are licensed Wildlife Damage Control Operators in the State of Maryland. Our technicians are trained to identify whether birds are a native or non-native species. It is against the law to touch active nests of native species. Virginia and Washington, D.C. do not require this license, but applicable laws still need to be complied with.

We use humane methods

We never intentionally hurt birds when removing and relocating them. Whenever possible, we relocate babies and eggs to a temporary nest container nearby so that the adults can finish raising them.

We are vent cleaning professionals

This can’t be understated. Because we grew out of a vent cleaning business, our technicians know how to clean, repair and replace ducts. We have the tools and the experience to clean bird nests from:

We fix a lot of jobs these other companies fail to do properly. Very often, they merely grab whatever nesting they can reach by hand and then install a screen or cage. We use actual vent cleaning tools with air and vacuums as needed. We also have the capability to disinfect vents.

We work where others won't

We routinely perform work in difficult to access places such as:

  • 3 stories and higher
  • On roofs
  • In attics

We use the best materials

Other companies like to install cheap plastic cages from the big box home improvement stores. These cages are ugly and fall apart after a few years in the sun. Everything we install is made of steel or aluminum. We also have fancy steel cages and steel covers with magnetic flaps for dryer vents. All fasteners are stainless steel as well.

Versatile technicians

Our technicians have experience in various home trades. Not every bird problem can be solved by simply attaching a screen or cage. We often have to use carpentry skills to build solutions out of wood, especially when birds are nesting in the structure of a building. These are a few things that we can do that others cannot:

  • Re-attach siding
  • Fix soffits
  • Rebuild rotted wood framing (non-structural)
  • Use wood to close off gaps in a structure, especially on decks and decorative blocks
  • Disassemble and clean/repair appliances like dryers and microwaves
Check out some of our recent projects.

We guarantee our work

We have a great reputation for a reason. Sometimes things don’t go perfect or a mistake is made.That can happen to the best companies. What makes us great is that we guarantee everything we do. If you ever have an issue or a question about something we did, we will come back and address it for no extra charge. Integrity matters. Besides, we love our customers. We will always take care of them.

Request a FREE Quote

Sometimes we can provide a quote over the phone, but in most cases we need to see the job first. Bird removal can be easy and it can be very complicated.

We never charge to come and assess the job. Submit a request and we will contact you shortly.

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