Bird Nest Removal From a Bathroom Fan Vent

Birds love to nest in bathroom fan vents, especially ‘cavity nesters’ like the invasive House Sparrow and European Starling. We can relocate any baby birds or eggs (in accordance with local and Federal regulations), clean the nest out of the bathroom vent and disinfect the vent as needed. This includes removing dead birds and disinfecting and deodorizing the duct. 

Bathroom Fan Duct Materials

Bathroom fan vent ducts were not built to house animals like birds and squirrels. Bathroom fans vent ducts can be easy or difficult to clean, depending on the material the duct is made of.

Solid Steel Ducting:  Bathroom fan vents made of steel ducting are much easier to clean bird nests out of because you can be more aggressive with the cleaning tools without having to worry about tearing the duct or disconnecting it from the fan. Steel ducting is also easier to disinfect and clean for the same reasons. 

Flexible ducting made of plastic or foil:  Flexible ducting typically has an inner duct made of thin plastic bag type material, held open with a metal wire spiral winding, that is typically surrounded by an outer layer of fiberglass insulation and then another final layer of foil or plastic to cover the insulation. Sometimes they don’t even have the insulation jacket. This material can be easy  to tear and hard to clean. Birds have sharp beaks and claws that can rip through the flimsy plastic inner ducts. Twigs and other stiff bird nesting materials can also pierce the plastic and rip the duct. Once the plastic duct tears, any cleaning tool will get caught in the insulation and make it almost possible to clean out completely. This material is also very hard to clean bird poop off of. If there is a very bad smell or the birds have been nesting in a vent for multiple seasons, we recommend the bathroom fan duct replacement service. While we are very good at cleaning bird nests out of these ducts, sometimes it’s just better to replace it. Check out our bathroom fan vent duct replacement service page for more details.

Bathroom Fan Bird Nest Removal Process

  1. Identify whether the nest is active (eggs) or there are brooding adults in it
  2. Identify the species of bird to determine if we can can legally disturb the nest
  3. Gently remove and baby birds and eggs
  4. Relocate baby birds and eggs to a temporary nest nearby. Typically we used empty milk jugs
  5. Clean the nest out using various tools accompanied with blowing and vaccuuming
  6. Disinfect and deodorize the vent as necessary
  7. Wash stains and bird droppings from the home’s siding in the area on and around the vent cover
  8. Install a screen or cage over the vent cover termination outside

Bathroom Fan Cleaning

If necessary, we can remove your bathroom fan and clean/disinfect it. Sometimes the birds, especially baby birds, run all the to the fan and can get injured and die there. They also like to poop right at the fan outlet. We often see a large collection of bird dropping where the adapter connect to the fan outlet and transitions from 3″ to 4″.

Screens and Cages For Bathroom Fan Vents

We have various bird cages we can install over your bathroom fan vents. We can also use metal screens if you like a simpler look on your house. We don’t just throw stuff on your home. We make every effort to install bird protection tastefully. We’ll have a solution you’ll like! Check out our bird guard installation service page for more details on screens and cages to keep birds from nesting in bathroom fan vents.

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